The Spirit of Vegas

In our guidelines and in our mission statement, you’ll hear us mention “the spirit of Vegas.” Some of you might be curious as to what that exactly means.

Las Vegas is a place where people come to start over and leave their pasts behind. It’s a city of impossible dreams. A place where some people become brokenhearted and discouraged while some others live large with spontaneity and ambition. It’s also a place of resilience and perseverance. A city of extremes and opposites, playing together endlessly, destructively and creatively. It is a place of mimicry. A place where originality is reinvented over and over again. A place where people have been born and raised and love it and hate it at the same time. It’s a place that once you live here you can never really leave. Vegas always stays with you.

I see Las Vegas as being the one place where the worst and best in people exist in both harmony and discord.


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