Submission Advice for 2016

Every time submissions begin to roll in, we start to notice unintentional trends of our submitters as well as work that we feel is missing from our submission pile. To aid our future contributors, we’ve created our most recent list of our hopes and dislikes in submissions. Best of luck and we hope to see your best soon!

What we’d like to see more of in submissions:

  • Coming-of-age short stories.
  • Stories that take place in retirement and/or with seniors.
  • Female protagonists.
  • Humor stories.

What we’d like to stop seeing in submissions:

  • Typical crude Vegas stories, sex stories, and stories that include inappropriate relationships.
  • Stories that take place in a bar where nothing happens.
  • Revenge stories.
  • Anything political.
  • Animal themed work. (That was last issue, folks).

Have a question about whether or not your work fits us? Send us an email and ask us before submitting. Send inquiries to

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