Stereotypes of Vegas We Don’t Want to See

When people hear “Vegas” a long list of expectations rush into their head. Showgirls, the Strip, nonstop 24 hour action. Yep, this is Vegas. But, there’s more. Lots more.

One of many reasons this magazine came into being is to give a venue for the other sides of Vegas. And when I mean other sides, I’m not speaking about the seedy sides or the undersides per se. I’m actually talking about giving light to the lives of people that are taken for granted. The everyday stories. People live real lives here.

So here’s a list of a few things we don’t want to see in submissions:

  1. Exploitation.
  2. Protagonists-who-hate-Vegas stories. (We really hate these stories.)
  3. Protagonists who only associate with addicts and/or alcoholics (as if that’s the only kind of people who live here.)
  4. Romanticizing/glorifying exploitation (See number 1)
  5. Women being victimized. (See number 1)

To summarize: exploitation, haters, addicts, victims. Did I mention exploitation?



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