Special Call for Flash Fiction and Short Story


We’re looking for more quality work in the categories of Flash Fiction and Short Story for our Fall Issue. A variety is always nice, but we thought it might be good to give potential contributors some direction as to what we’re needing right now and what we’re not.

What we’re looking for:

  • character driven stories
  • workplace dramas
  • fast-paced complex mysteries
  • historical fiction
  • near future science fiction stories
  • humor
  • magical realism

(female protagonists are always a favorite)

What we’re not looking for:

  • gambling stories
  • bar stories
  • drug stories
  • sex stories
  • cliché Vegas stories

Stories do not have to take place in the Southwest or Vegas to be considered for our magazine. We look for work that is well-polished and leaves the reader with a sense of hope and/or perseverance. Here is a great example from our most recent issue and winner of our last short story award: Victor’s Rewrite #1 by Amy Scanlon O’Hearn.


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