RECAP: Reading at Writer’s Block with Petite Hound Press

We wanted to thank everyone who came to the reading at Writer’s Block on Friday night for our joint event with Petite Hound Press. It was an amazing turnout that night and many of you came up to us afterwards to let us know how much you enjoyed the reading.


photo taken by Heather Lang

The readers dove into various subject matters such as the mundane of everyday life, unfolding horrors, and stories that helped us stop and appreciate the beauty in our lives and the loved ones in it. One might say both magazines’ readers captured a sense of hope and perseverance, something very thematic among the people who make Vegas a home, even if only temporary.

Our reading started shortly after our scheduled time. The room filled up quickly. Heather Lang and Jocelyn Paige Kelly introduced themselves and gave a short introduction to both their publications. Then, the video review of Petite Hound Press‘s first year in review made everyone truly settle down and pay attention. The audience members gazed at the beauty of the images and words so artfully and skillfully weaved together in each singleissuepoem from the editors of Petite Hound Press. By the end of the night the lookbook had sold out.

The viewing was followed by three readers from Petite Hound Press‘ upcoming issues. Sarah Vernetti was the first to read her work, a flash fiction piece called “Hydra” that engaged the audience from beginning to end.  Gregory Robinson followed and then delighted the audience with the humor in his poem “A1.” The reading from Petite Hound Press‘ contributors ended with a chilling read from Ingrid Taylor who read her flash fiction piece “Cradlesong” in its entirety.


photo taken by Heather Lang featuring Issue #16 with a pairing with poet Andy Fogle and artist Graham Franciose.

Helen‘s readers quickly followed after a nice warm round of applause. The reading started with Joan Robinson who read her poem “Vegas Drive” featured in the Animal Issue and then with “Moth One/Moth Two” which was published as part of the ongoing Friday Night Specials blog series. Rosie Vargas came up and warmed our hearts with the lovely “Follow.” Soon afterwards the audience was delighted by Judy Salz’s reading of her flash fiction piece “Passing Birds.” Jamison Crabtree came up to the mic and wowed everyone with a poem from his upcoming collection WOLF!!! and left everyone speechless. Megan Duffy then followed with a poem from the upcoming Spring issue called “Second Skin,” giving the audience a sneak peak as to what they would see online from Helen on April 16th. Closing the evening was Chelsea Sedoti reading from her short story “There Used to be Cowboys,” a story that captures a very authentic voice and the meaning of Las Vegas.

What added to the charm of the evening was the variety of audience members who came to enjoy the event and the hospitality of the bookstore. Many were locals returning from previous readings presented by Helen: A Literary Magazine, others had just heard about the reading a few days prior, and some wondered in from the CES show and were surprised to see Las Vegas had an actual literary and arts culture. What a delightful surprise! This was an event to truly be remembered. Don’t miss out on our next one!

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