Our Top 7 Loves in Short Fiction Submissions

Characterization. Provide a great story with an amazing character. Make them complicated. Have us visualize them as if they were sitting right next to us. Make us love them especially when no one else does.

Humor. Just a few lines here and there. Something that makes us chuckle especially during a darker read will make us remember you and possibly publish your work.

Voice. Authentic and engaging, we look for something that captures that feeling we get from our hometown.

Experimentation. If what you’re writing blurs the lines between genre or challenges conventions, your story might be a good fit for us. Keep in mind that Vegas was born out of innovation and perseverance so if your experimentation can embody that then it just might find a home in one of our issues.

Setting. Give us a rich, deep setting. One in which the setting is a character within your story. Maybe even the character of your story.

The Unexpected. Give us a good twist on plot, character, or convention. Remember, Vegas is the unexpected.

Hope. Yes, there it is. Give us a story that gives us some hope in the end. It can be about the end of the world, but there has to be a ray of sunshine in there. Even if it’s just a sliver.

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