Visual Prompt Quarterly Contest 1st Quarter 2017

The Visual Prompt Quarterly Contest is meant to inspire people to create work based on a prompt containing three images. The contest submission can either be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or experimental literary in nature. It can contain all three images or just one.

No entry fee. Winning submission is published on our site below and the winner is awarded $25.

Contest was judged by the staff of Helen: A Literary Magazine.

Our winning selection is a poem:

“The Intimacy of Scintillas” by Kayssie Kandiwa

We also had five honorable mentions:

“The World Accordion to Me” by Stephanie Malley
“Unfulfilled Dreams” by Marion Clarke
“The Greeter of All Things Truthful” by Robert Van Noy
“Guys n’ Gals! Let’s Get Serious.” by Vidya Vasudevan
“Shame, A History” by Alaina Symanovich

“The Intimacy of Scintillas”

by Kayssie Kandiwa

The intimacy of the scintillas
That delve underneath your touch –
Breaking the skin
And melting a mad’ouk heart,
Waters your thirst.
By a working man’s palm –
You suffocated my panache
Called it cradling –
While I squirmed beneath you,
Creating curves and corners in my silhouette
That only deities could grasp.
I laid my hands,
On my crooks
And a pulse of power surging through me –
fulfilled and entire.

Kayssie K. is an eighteen-year-old writer and Founder of Royal Integrity, an arts collective that promotes self-love in a world where it’s cooler to hate yourself. She has worked with numerous magazines and been published in magazines such as The Seventh Wave, Unapologetic Magazine, Indie Affair, Break beyond etc. She strives to empower others at every opportunity. Besides writing, she is a spoken word artist, singer, and social media assistant.