Treasures and Turning Points | Yanick Cadieux

Treasures and Turning Points | Yanick Cadieux


John Jacobson came into the world as we all do, naked and penniless. His mother and his father clothed him quick, but the pennies did not follow suit for there was no pennies to be had. This all changed on the seven hundred and seventy seventh day of John Jacobson’s life.

It started off as most days do, with a yawn and a lovely stretch. Then came the pitter patter to the living room for some snuggles and then a breakfast of Mother’s homemade bread. He wasn’t ready for a nap just then so they decided on a stroll to the park. John Jacobson skipped and hopped all the way to his favorite spot.

It’s a well known fact that of the three, the middle swing is the best. As the first child there, John Jacobson got dibs on this one, and ignored the rest. His Mother hoisted him up, gave him a push and then another, to the calls of “higher” and “higher.” For whatever the reason, when Mother was pushing and John Jacobson sitting, he never seemed to tire.

Just when he felt himself lift out of the seat a bit, a glint of sparkle caught his eye.

What could it be?

“No more pushes, Mommy,” was the decree, soon followed by, “Please.”

As soon as little feet touched sand, he was off like a bolt in the direction of the mysterious twinkle. Certain the grass held treasures for him, he scurried over and looked down in wonder and awe. John Jacobson slowly bent down and inspected the piece, reaching out to take it. No longer penniless, holding his coin, John Jacobson felt the richest of us all. So it began for little John Jacobson, as it did for you and I, that the love of coin had its grip on him from his seven hundred and seventy-seventh day, until the day he died.

Yanick Cadieux is an artist, photographer, and writer living in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has two daughters and a fiance who all share her love of art, puns and cats. She has lived a million lives and writes so that she can share her stories, but will never admit which stories are fact and which are fiction.