Mineral 275 et al (Wulfenite) | Rosemarie Dombrowski

[Like a] habit,
[you] deposit [yourself
all over the] Southwest—
[in] the Red Cloud, [at] Trigo Mountains,
[along the] bright orange near Yuma.

[But this is] Arizona, 1805,
[and like the] field marks [suggest,
you’re a] fine specimen,
perhaps the most exceptional [of your time].
[I] name [you] in honor of
[the] resinous [and the] brown,
[the desert] near Maricopa
[where I found you].

[Two hundred years later,
your voice is like] lead,
[the ground hard and] adamant,
[whispering names] obtained from
Sierra de Los Lamentos,
[the ridge where I mourn you].

Rosemarie Dombrowski is a poetry editor at Four Chambers, the co-founder of the Phoenix Poetry Series, and the founder of Rinky Dink Press. Her work has appeared/is forthcoming in Hartskill Review, The Ginosko Anthology (v3), Anthro/Poetics (an anthology of cultural writings), Stonecoast Review, and elsewhere. She has received four Pushcart nominations – three for The Book of Emergencies (Five Oaks Press, 2014) – and was a finalist for the Pangea Poetry Prize in 2015. She’s currently a Lecturer at Arizona State University’s Downtown campus where she serves as the editor of the undergraduate writing journal and teaches courses on radical poetics, women’s lit, and Lady Gaga.