Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes

Dear Reader,

We welcome you to our first web issue as we take Helen: a literary magazine into a new era. The shift from print to digital has been intriguing and has made us open our imaginations into new and innovating printing options to compliment our issues. More details on that as they become public. In the meantime …

… Our issue this time starts with Vegas and ends with Vegas because what happens here stays here.

For this web issue we didn’t supply a theme and we’d hoped we’d find pieces that would connect in unexpected ways. We did.

We found a rhythm and common threads within our selections. Our unofficial theme became Blind Optimism inspired by Su Limbert’s art, but the issue is much more than that. It is not just blind optimism, but this heartache of hope and idealism that is part of what makes Las Vegas a home to a majority of our staff members. A sense of humor, a dose of reality, a haunting sense of sensuality, and those turning points bring together a treasure of work in our Spring Issue 2016.

This time our cover artwork for our first web issue is all about texture, capturing a sense of what life out in Las Vegas looks and feels like: stucco. This patch, yellow and dulled, an homage to the sun and the sun-torn nature of people and things in this patch of desert. It says we’re a hardy people, strong, worn, and the yellow displays our vibrancy. It can be worn and torn, but the brightness will always come through.

There is a strong sense of place and character coming through the work here.

In this issue we’ve featured diverse local talent such as Clark County Poet Laureate Bruce Isaacson, Heather Lang, Angela M. Brommel, Jennifer Battisti, Miranda Cooper, Lana Hanson, Christine Bettis, Ingrid Taylor, Lorna Dickson Keach, Caroline Horwitz, Megan Duffy, Su Limbert, Alisha Kerlin, Don Michael, Jr, and Stephanie Barr.

We’re excited to have locals published in all categories: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art in this issue. We feel complete and that we’re finally thriving as a literary magazine.

With gratitude,

The Editors of Helen: a literary magazine

Dedicated to our namesake and inspiration, Helen J. Stewart, the first lady of Las Vegas.


Helen: a literary magazine would like to thank the following individuals for their support in helping us continue and grow: Drew Cohen and Scott Seeley and everyone at Writer’s Block Bookshop, Laura McBride, Geneva Marquez, Artist.Vault, Melanie Davis & Mad Girl in a Box, Teresa Maharaj, Erica Vital-Lazare, Beverly Rogers, Ruth Rauma, Friends of the Fort, Neon Lit, Black Mountain Institute, Ginger Meurer, Diane Bush, Lisa Fields Clark, Chris Cutler & BLVDS magazine, Eric Miller, Writers of Southern Nevada, Henderson and Las Vegas Writer’s Group, Paul Atriedes, Gregory Kompes, Tina Willis, Kalisha Buckhannon, The City of Las Vegas, Marc Abelman, Fred Wasser, and CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses).