Blind Optimism | Su Limbert

Blind Optimism | Su Limbert


Su Limbert‘s artwork is a personal narrative exploring themes of childhood, nature, and the complexities of relationships. This paintings speaks to the unknowable and unpredictable nature of love and expresses the complexities of our relationships with friends, family, lovers, and especially within our understanding of ourselves.

Besides her 2014 narrative installation at Trifecta Gallery, Limbert has had three solo shows at Blackbird Studios in Las Vegas. She continues to participate in group shows, and held an artist residency at P3 Studios at the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas during the summer of 2013. Limbert earned a BA in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Art Education at Portland State University. She currently teaches high school and college art courses in Las Vegas and had a solo show opening this October at Blackbird Studios in the Las Vegas Arts District.