Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes

Dear Reader,

We welcome you to our third web issue for Helen: a literary magazine.

Our issue this time is sparse, yet very on point with messages of perseverance and moving forward as best as possible under difficult circumstances. There’s also a bit of humor to make you think and to lighten the load.

We are also pleased to feature works from other literary magazines giving us unique perspectives and opening up our minds and hearts.

Our unofficial theme became Shadows inspired by poem by Anne Whitehouse’s Blessing VIII. There’s something about being half  in light and half in darkness that fills us with uncertainty and dread, yet also with hope. It deeply inspired the artwork chosen for our web cover.

The artwork chosen for our issue all share a sense of resistance and rising up. We felt this strongly. We hope this issue inspires you as it did us.

With gratitude,

The Editors of Helen: a literary magazine

Dedicated to our namesake and inspiration, Helen J. Stewart, the first lady of Las Vegas.


Helen: a literary magazine would like to thank the following individuals for their support in helping us continue and grow: Lois Roma-Deeley, Drew Cohen and Scott Seeley and everyone at Writer’s Block Bookshop, Laura McBride, Beverly Rogers, Erica Vital-Lazare, Beverly Rogers, Ruth Rauma, Friends of the Fort, Blue Minaret Literary Journal, Huizache, and Rise Up Review, Neon Lit, Christine Bettis, Black Mountain Institute, Ginger Meurer, Cindi Moon, Heather Lang, Neon Museum, and CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses).