1st Place : Home Means Nevada | Angela M. Brommel

1st Place : Home Means Nevada | Angela M. Brommel

You leave home for adventure,
but the highway West still knows East.

You sing 2,000 miles of Tapestry
and Blue with a guitar you cannot play.

You rename Heartache as Quest.
Endless sunshine on your windshield.

The darkness of mid December dims
for dreamless sleep in a land of neon.

Angela M. Brommel is a Nevada writer with Iowa roots. Her poetry has been published in these places and more: North American Review, Sweet, Vapid Kitten, Petite Hound Press, and anthologized in All of Us: Sweet: The First Five Years,  and  Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace: An Anthology of Literature by Nevada Women. She is the Director of Arts & Culture, and a part-time faculty member at Nevada State College. You can also find her at The Citron Review as Managing Editor and Poetry Editor.