Spirit Animal | Omayra Amador

Spirit Animal | Omayra Amador


Omayra Amador lives in Downtown Las Vegas and works as a full time artist. Originally from New York, she moved out here 6 years ago after studying illustration and fine arts in Parsons School of Design. She looks up to and is inspired by an array of artists such as Lucian Freud, Robert Rauschenberg, Swoon, Tara McPherson and Kiki Smith. She loves all aspects of art and is interested in the creative process that happens in the studio. Color excites her and plays a huge part in her work, both gallery and street art. Exploring the traditions of low and high-brow art fascinates her because it allows her to better interpret the ever changing world around her. She views life as if she were 7 years old; full of imagination, ready to play and is in awe of all things magical and whimsical.

Artist Statement:

My artwork is an exploration of subject matters that I have personal connections with. Bunnies, human portraiture and childhood recollections are themes that I am currently examining together and apart as their own entity. In exploring them together, I am influenced by the process and how the expressive possibility of the materials evolve the work at hand.