INTERVIEW: Patricia Burns

Danielle Kelly is an artist and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kelly’s project-based practice ranges from installation to performance and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Portland. Kelly’s writing has appeared in such regional publications as Las Vegas Weekly and Desert Companion. Kelly is the Executive Director and Curator of the Neon Museum. She has done a series of interviews with artists with ties to Las Vegas for celebration of our music issue.

What is your relationship to sound in the studio?

I am very sensitive to sound and the noises of others around me. Music provides the escapism and that shift I need to enter a “working” headspace for my practice. I think it also provides feeling and energy for me to work off of other than my own. I can’t work without music. I have left the studio when my phone or iPod dies and I didn’t bring a charger.

pburnsWhat is your relationship to music in the studio?

I have to listen to music in the studio, it’s gives me focus. One particular show or body of work I was listening to a lot of electronica and stuff with a heavy pulse and beat, an artist that was a friend of mine walked in and said they could feel a beat through the work, he didn’t even know what I had been playing regularly. I think music enters in in ways we aren’t even conscious of.

Some people can listen to podcasts all the time; very rarely can I listen to them in the studio; only if it’s super repetitive work like threading buttons on wire and its a lazy Saturday afternoon.

What, if anything, is in heavy rotation in your studio right now?

Phantogram, Aphex Twin, and Geographer were in pretty heavy rotation for a long time and they’re still good go to’s as is New Order. I also am kind of obsessed right now with Vance Joy for his romanticism and Alt-j for the attitude it gives me.

What would be your desert island studio record?

I guess I would say New Order’s Power, Corruption and Lies because I like feeling like every time I go to the studio it’s an anarchic act, But, again, that’s the rebellious romantic in me.

Patricia Burns is an artist and feminist living in Los Angeles, California. Her artwork has been exhibited on the west coast in various galleries including Vast Space Projects in Southern Nevada. Learn more about her on her website here.

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