INTERVIEW: Craig Colorusso

Danielle Kelly is an artist and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kelly’s project-based practice ranges from installation to performance and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Portland. Kelly’s writing has appeared in such regional publications as Las Vegas Weekly and Desert Companion. Kelly is the Executive Director and Curator of the Neon Museum. She has done a series of interviews with artists with ties to Las Vegas for celebration of our music issue.

CColorusso_Cube Music Portrait

1) What is your relationship to sound in the studio? 

“If you need to lift something heavy, put on Van Halen.” Henry Rollins

I have always agreed with Rollins on this but I don’t always lift heavy things.

Sometimes I like to think in silence. I drive a lot sometimes in silence. I lived in
Connecticut for many years and I have very fond memories of driving around in
snowstorms in silence listeniing to the snow. Now I live in Arkansas, with little to no

I was at an amusement park in Massachusetts at closing time after a full day of park
adventures. It was so late they must have had a kill switch for all the power to the
park. The moment from park roar to silence was impressive. It stretched time for a
few moments. I’be tried to recreate this but have not succeeded yet.

2) What is your relationship to music in the studio?

I make a lot of things out of wood so I’ve always enjoyed the sound of machines. I
was an offset printer for a few years. The presses sounded beautiful. I was so taken
by the AB Dick 360 Pro With a Kompac water system, that Joel Westerdale and I did a
performance for instruments and presses at Miracle Printing.

CColorusso_sunbox installation

3) What, if anything, is in heavy rotation in your studio right now?

I will always love the sounds of machines but my new favorite sound is my 9 month old
daughter’s laugh. It is the most organic sound and when I hear it it reminds me to
laugh more.

4) What would be your desert island studio record? 

Most of the music I listen to is my own so I try and listen to other things. Ezekiel Honig
is always good to listen to while working. His music is electronic, but very warm and
soothing. It feels right in most situations. I can’t pick one desert island record so
here are four:

Rothko Chapel Morton Feldman
Black Sabbath Volume 4
Trout Mask Replica Captain Beefheart
Music for 18 Musicians Steve Reich
Fugazi Repeater
Black Flag My War
Minor Threat Full Discography

I know that’s seven.

Craig Colorusso has been exploring the intersection of sound, light, and space through sculpture since 2000. His installations consist of wood, metal, fabric, and electronics. Find more out about him and his work at his website:

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