INTERVIEW: Brent Holmes

Danielle Kelly is an artist and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kelly’s project-based practice ranges from installation to performance and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Portland. Kelly’s writing has appeared in such regional publications as Las Vegas Weekly and Desert Companion. Kelly is the Executive Director and Curator of the Neon Museum. She has done a series of interviews with artists with ties to Las Vegas for celebration of our music issue.

What is your relationship to sound in the studio?

Usually pretty intense. That being said, I’ve been involved in a lot of outdoor photography lately and most of the sounds are made by nature. Some of them are so compelling I end up taking shots of things based initially on their sound.

What is your relationship to music in the studio?

It used to be stronger, I used to be incapable of working with out it, as I’ve aged I find myself not only attracted more to silence, or even more frequently stories and history lessons / philosophical lectures. It’s wonderful that you can fill your head with words and create images at the same time.

plutonic forum IvWhat, if anything, is in heavy rotation in your studio right now?

The History of Philosophy with no gaps podcast, On the Nature of Things by Lucretius, Cupid Delux by Blood Orange, Until the Quiet Comes by Flying Lotus, Meditations by Marcus Arilius, Chet Faker Built on Glass, Pseudopod horror podcast, King Kruel 6ft Beneath the Moon, the Mishima soundtrack by Philip Glass.

What would be your desert island studio record?

Like just one? I don’t know. I think that would be like torture. I mean, does the goldeberg variatons by Glen Gould with a b-side of Massive Collected count? I think I’d just rather listen to the tide and my own heartbeat rather than be stuck with just one record.

Brent Holmes is an artist living in Las Vegas. Read about him and his work in this article from Las Vegas Weekly.


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