INTERVIEW: Alisha Kerlin

Danielle Kelly is an artist and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kelly’s project-based practice ranges from installation to performance and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Portland. Kelly’s writing has appeared in such regional publications as Las Vegas Weekly and Desert Companion. Kelly is the Executive Director and Curator of the Neon Museum. She has done a series of interviews with artists with ties to Las Vegas for celebration of our music issue.

What is your relationship to sound in the studio?

In graduate school, the sound artist, Brenda Hutchinson gave me an assignment to listen for 1 minute, everyday, for a year, with my eyes closed. I’m a very visual person, often overwhelmed, and I remember a time after I had been listening for about half a year, when I heard bees before I saw them. So now, sound is a bigger part of my life. Making work outside, or in a room with a window open so that I can hear traffic, the wind, or conversations, is best.

kerlin_longdivisionwith remainderWhat, if anything, is in heavy rotation in your studio right now?

I listen to Willie Nelson in my studio and Elvis when I’m driving. I’m not embarrassed at all about it. I mostly listen to songs I know really well when I’m painting, which is why it’s hard to paint when other people are around, for fear that they will get sick of the same song over and over again. (I think that answers your next question)

What would be your desert island studio record?

I already feel like I’m on a desert island out here in Vegas, so I’d love for you to make me a mix, please. Thank you.

Alisha Kerlin is an artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the Collections & Office Manager for UNLV’s Marjorie Barrick Museum. Her work has been featured at shows at Zach Feuer Gallery and MoMA’s PS1 in New York. See some of her work here.

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