FNS: Valley of the Grasshoppers by Toni Bennett


Every Friday night we feature a short story, essay, personal narrative,
poem, spoken word, or short film for your enjoyment.

Helen Presents: a poem from Toni Bennett

Yea, though I walk through
the valley of the grasshoppers,
I will fear no evil.

Yea, though they hurl themselves
upon my face to nibble upon my flesh,
I will not be afraid.

Yea, though five thousand scrape
their serrated legs against my tender cheek,
I will not run away.

Yea, though I trod
on an unfortunate few
collecting their ravaged bodies
in the tread of my shoe,
I will fear no retribution.

For ours is the kingdom
of the civilized sidewalks
as well as the weedy fields
and our dominion ranges
from spit-filled gutters
to the space shuttle cockpit.

I will fear no evil
for ours is the kingdom.

Toni La Ree Bennett received a Ph.D. in English at the University of Washington. Her work has appeared in Poemmemoirstory, Puerto del Sol, Hawaii Pacific Review, Society of Classical Poets, Journal of Poetry Therapy, and Viet Nam Generation, among other publications, and she has several poems included in the anthology The Muse Strikes Back published by Story Line Press. She is also a freelance editor and photographer.

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