FNS: Toy Animal Time by Patrick Flynn


Every Friday night we feature a short story, essay, personal narrative,
poem, spoken word, or short film for your enjoyment.

Helen Presents: a poem from PM Flynn

Cloth lips like flowers and words like glossy rain–but not
all flowers fall on warm spring days; with raindrops wetting
plush toy animals strewn from a pickup across a backroad.

Some dreams held tightly between arms fold into words–
flowers open and close in morning rains, on lips opening
and closing like pink flowers falling from dogwood trees.

Sometimes dreams rise from fields readied for planting;
though passing cars often ignore asides in rain; what spins,
and stops–for I am falling, and remember what has fallen.

I once fell beside flowers along city roads where animals
stuffed into metal donation boxes collect makeshift towns,
then fall on sand lots where dreams play out without words.

Patrick Flynn is a North Carolina writer. He holds a B.S. in English from East Carolina University. His writing interests extend to poetry,  fiction novels and screenplays. He owns a coffee house with his wife, which features live music most Friday nights.

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