FNS : Last Leaf by Toni Pacini


Every Friday night we feature a short story, essay, personal narrative, poem,
spoken word, or short film for your enjoyment.

Tonight’s poem is from Toni Pacini

Seasons end.
New begins.
Today the last leaf fell.
I watched a breeze dance it all around –
as it gently spiraled to the ground.

It lay at home amongst its kind,
blending neath’ the naked tree,
future mulch –
soon to return to the Earth,
to once again repeat its worth.

It will be food and drink.
Its rotting body ripe with life.
A dance sweet Earth repeats,
all season’s reasons so sublime.
It’s all about in ones good time.

We each must fall.
We each will rise.
We nourish one day –
and suckle the other,
never once leaving the mother.

No matter if a tree or leaf,
a grain of sand or seed you be –
no matter if you give or receive,
your purpose will be the life of the other.

The life and the beauty,
of the mother,

Toni K Pacini is a Southern Gothic author, poet and storyteller. Toni’s stories piled up throughout a bizarre life that began in a small cotton mill village in Alabama. Fervently instructed not to “ever tell” she speaks out in her recently completed memoir, ALABAMA BLUE, and has burst forth into the second half of her life with words flowing freely.

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