FNS: The Helen Keller Experience from Yasmina Chavez


Helen Presents The Helen Keller Experience from Yasmina Chavez

The Helen Keller Experience was conceived from a curiosity of how experience of place/a space could be transferable through sound. I was also looking for a way to curate a sound exhibit which would theoretically be available at anytime and to all and where ownership of the work occurs through participation. The artists I asked to participate work, for the most part or have in the past, with conceptual and site specific art making. It is an ongoing project to which I will continue to add tracks so long as artists continue to submit. The artists who participated are based in Las Vegas and Brooklyn.


Project Outline:

This is a permanently accessible compilation of sonically scored spaces. Like a musician who writes a ballad based on a personal relationship which then the listener applies to their love life to find significance, the composer/artist in “The Helen Keller Experience” creates a score for a room based on their experience and/or thoughts of a space that then the participant can apply to their own comparable place. This is an empirical experiment which posits experience of space as a simultaneously unique and standardized account. It is about the transference of significance through the recontextualisation of a setting via sound: a sonic exploration into how we place and interpret meaning from the objects and spaces that surround us both as maker and user.

Instructions to participants:

Please download these tracks onto your music player, computer, cd, whatever you’d like and listen to them following any directions suggested by the artist/composers. But of course the possibility of changing any room anywhere is also tempting. We hope you enjoy.

Direct link to the project below:


Yasmina Chavez is a resident of Las Vegas currently located in Alfred Station, New York while studying for her MFA at Alfred University.

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