5 Great Virtual Resources for Workshopping Your Material and Developing Your Skills

Gotham Writer’s Workshop

A great resource for becoming a professional in the field. Instructors are working professionals in screenwriting, fiction writing, television writing and more. Gotham even has a specific course for short story writers serious about getting published into Zoetrope where your story could become a feature film.


Full of great technique and personal development writing courses, Writers.com have classes that start with the basics to advanced techniques. They also offer individualized feedback and personalized tutoring instructions for those working on developing specific skills.

Writer’s Digest University

A variety of classes to choose from and timeframes, WDU’s speciality is in offering courses that focus on specific areas of writing such as writing dialogue, characterization, and viewpoints. They’ve also added classes to help you apply to MFA programs as well as getting published.

Odyssey Online Workshops

Affiliated with the Odyssey Workshop for science fiction and fantasy, the online workshop is small and focuses specifically on the short story form. Participants have an opportunity to strengthen their skills as well as develop relationships with fellow writers.

The Writer’s Studio

Now offering online workshops in fiction and poetry for people who are unable to travel to New York, Tucson, San Francisco, or Amsterdam. The studio is well-known for helping writers and poets nurture their voices.


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