Visual Prompt Quarterly Contest 4th Quarter 2016

The Visual Prompt Quarterly Contest is meant to inspire people to create work based on a prompt containing three images. The contest submission can either be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or experimental literary in nature. It can contain all three images or just one.

No entry fee. Winning submission is published on our site below and the winner is awarded $25.

Contest was judged by the staff of Helen: A Literary Magazine.

Our winning selection is a poem:

  • “Ink Carved Rusty Path” by Lucía Damacela

One honorable mention:

  • “Petrified Bike” by Richard King Perkins II

“Ink Carved Rusty Path”

by Lucía Damacela

A blue bent bike rehearsing an eternity of rustiness
by the bend in the trail
forgiving like a notched, scratched, skinned tree trunk
which instead of shutting down
goes on to grow some love from the open wound
the healing power of chlorophyll
or anything that believes in relentlessness
like the little wooden library
a word house
—springing new shoot along the trail.

Instead of a standard print-published book
the seeds somebody left there
are leather –bound
bleed fresh handwritten ink
and bloom out a journey
a way of washing off the rust
with every stroke on the page
a personal journal
long and winding like this path,
metaphors popping up
like blooming shoots
sprouting from a carved heart.

Lucía Damacela’s work has appeared in journals such as Poetry Quarterly, Mulberry Fork Review, Slippery Elm, Bunbury, and Duende. One of her poems recently won first prize at the Wisehouse International Poetry Award 2016. Lucía currently lives in Singapore with her family, blogs at and tweets as @lucyda.