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Editor’s Notes


Night Music | David Radavich
Combo at the Best Bar | Lauren Camp
Play Me the Blues | Michael Fleming
Like a Lament, but not Really Blue | David Wright
Fallen Notes | Andrew Romanelli
Rain Song | Janet Joyner (video exclusive)
Afternoon Music | Christine Valentine
Air Guitarist | John Grey (video exclusive)
Traffic Song | Shittu Fowora
The Moment My Life Became a Country Song | Allyson Whipple
Daily Classics | Marilyn Zelke-Windau
Crazy for lovin’ you | Susana H. Case
Barefoot | Heather Dorn
Keep Forgetting | Bree Rolfe
Frequency | Mel Goldberg


Sonic Truth | Yasmina Chavez with Danielle Kelly


Throwing Things at the Sky to See if They Stick | Barry Whittaker
Waiting | Caitlin Crowley
Original of Huntridge Show Flyer, 1993 | Danny Breeden
The Huntridge | Diane Bush
Smooth Fox | Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones
Heading West | Susan Solomon
Zen Zoot Suit Band | Martin Kreloff
Sony Introduces the Walkman | Martin Kreloff
Corpsepaint | Sean Slattery
Bitch! I’m a RockStar | Teresa Maharaj
Danny G | Sam Gorrie
Sun Boxes Installation | Craig Colorusso
Vegas Verve | Kathy Morton Stanion
Cube Music Installation | Craig Colorusso
Around | Caitlin Crowley
Lissa Townsend Rodgers and the Marshall Stacks | Ginger Bruner
Jazz Notes 3 | Catherine Roberts Leach
Astrobot in the Lab | Sam Davis
Mother Brain | SaBa


The Agony of the Bells | Daniel DiFranco
Aria | Geri Lipschultz
Stretching, Burning: A Bad Voice Conference | Jefferson Navicky
Paper Words | Andrew Elsakr
Satisfaction Guaranteed | John Francis Istel


Roll Over, Beethoveen, Tell Wayne Newton the News | Linda Chase
Joy Division | James Joseph Brown