Pomegranate, Radio On | Susan Rich

Pomegranate, Radio On | Susan Rich
~for Madeline DeFrees, 1919-2015

Begin with the fruit in your hands—
hold the weight of its rough skin,
its nested, cell interior.

Take your time.

Choose a lilac
blue bowl; pull your sharpest knife
from the cutlery drawer.

This has become your life, not the headlines

but the fine print
of the back pages. Read
slowly the small, good stories—

each seed another worldly

exchange. You’re here
at the sink caressing—
there’s no other word—

until the dazzling light lets go.

Until surreal tomorrows extend—
beyond sustenance, beyond juice,
stained fingers, stained news.

Susan Rich is the author of four collections of poetry including Cloud Pharmacy and The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which was a Finalist for the Foreword Prize and the Washington State Book Award. Along with Brian Turner, she edited The Strangest of Theatres, published by the Poetry Foundation. Her recent publications include the Antioch Review, Gettysburg Review, New England Review and World Literature Today. She has received awards from PEN USA, The Times (London) the Fulbright Foundation and the city of Seattle, WA.